Review: 10% Human by Dr. Alanna Collen

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10% human book coverReviewed by Alyssa Katanic

In recent years we have learned that antibacterial soaps are bad for us and that hand sanitizers contain triclosan. So, we have found “natural” ways to kill these germs: cloths laced with silver, essential oils promising to kill bacteria and other microbes, but what if not all microbes are our enemies? What if our health and sanity are dependent on these microbes that we kill off every day? In her new book, 10% Human: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness, evolutionary biologist Dr. Alanna Collen explores just that and explains that the cells that make up our bodies and help us to function are not 100% human cells. In fact, our bodies are merely 10% human.

By hitting on health concerns that seem new to those of us in 20th century