Review: The New Mind of the South by Tracy Thompson

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08book "Tne New Mind of the South" by Tracy Thompson.Reviewed by A.D. Cole

If you’ve ever been confronted with the question of Southern identity—whether you’re a Southerner yourself, or have mistakenly taken cornbread sweetened with sugar to a potluck where Southerners are present, and then been subjected to decisive and passionate lectures about why neither you nor your cornbread are authentically Southern—then this title has probably snagged your attention. If you pick it up, you’ll find that Tracy Thompson’s investigative work seeks an understanding of what it has meant, in the past, to be Southern, and what it means today.

The New Mind of the South dives right into the issue at the root of the South’s identity crisis—race. Thompson explores the lies that Southerner’s believe about Civil War history, the sudden influx of Latino immigrants into the New South, the return of black