Reviewed by Melanie Kline

A tale of love, Nocturne by Syrie James swoops you into the life of Nicole Whitcomb, who wrecks her car on a treacherous mountain road and is rescued by a handsome stranger. Stranded at his home until the storm blows over and the roads are cleared, Nicole finds herself alternating between attraction and repulsion for Michael Tyler. Either way, she finds him quite interesting and is quick to forgive him for being short, rude, and extremely ill tempered at times.

As the story progresses, you cannot help but wonder how long it is going to take Nicole to figure out that Michael is a vampire. He is handsome, rich, lives alone, knows too much about history, etc. In fact, he turns out to be her favorite writer, going under the pseudonym of Patrick Spencer.

Michael is attracted to Nicole in a way he hasn’t felt in many, many years. Although he tries to fight his feelings, he eventually gives in and during a passionate kissing session, Nicole spots his red eyes and fangs. At first, she is afraid of him, but finds that her feelings are too strong and she doesn’t care that he is a vampire after all.

I found the ending of Nocturne to be a bit surprising. I figured that the book would end with Nicole becoming a vampire to stay with Michael and they would go off into the sunset together. This is not at all what happened. Until this point the story had been losing ground with me in a “heard it all before” kind of way regarding vampires. Although most of Nocturne is extremely predictable and seemingly written for young adults (although marked as adult fiction), it winds up being a fairly enjoyable read.

Rating: 3.5/5

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