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Harry Bosch is sent to investigate what appears to be a routine robbery gone wrong when he discovers that he has met the victim in one of his previous cases. Looking further into the matter, he determines that it was not a robbery at all, and it certainly was not routine. The more he digs, the more tangled the weaving web becomes. The case steps up a notch on the danger meter after Harry discovers evidence leading to the Hong Kong Triads .

Suddenly, Harry’s life is thrown into turmoil. His daughter goes missing and a video is sent to him from her phone; now he is not only investigating a murder, but he must also fight to get his daughter back. Taking the first flight to Hong Kong, he cuts a deadly swath across Hong Kong in the hopes of getting his daughter back safely, in a manner the Triads can understand despite the language barrier. The world is about to find out just how tough and deadly Harry Bosch can be.

Wow! Yes, Nine Dragons is as good as it sounds. This book was probably my favorite in the Harry Bosch series yet. We see Bosch’s soft side as well as his brutally tough side. I was impressed by just how deep the characters were. I loved the fact that Nine Dragons took Bosch across the globe into a world completely unknown to him, full of strange situations and language barriers.

The setting was described wonderfully, even when the story veered into the raunchiest areas of Hong Kong. Twist after twist kept this storyline fast-paced and ran my mind in circles. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, Connelly flipped the case upside down; Bosch did not magically figure out the answers, he had to work to the point of insanity to find any ounce of truth/evidence. It was a wonderfully creative plot and I look forward to seeing more from Connelly.

I recommend Nine Dragons to Connelly fans and anyone who enjoys mysteries/thrillers.

Tony Peters lives in Saskatchewan Canada and is a published author of a children’s mystery book “Kids on a Case: The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnapping”. Tony blogs at authortonypeters.blogspot.com.