night and day book coverReviewed by Jenna Arthur

On the heels of her last book, Iris Johansen’s Night and Day picks up where the story last ended. Eve Duncan, Joe Quinn, and Cara, the little girl they previously rescued from a sadistic maniac, have escaped to the highlands of Scotland with the help of adopted daughter Jane. Living in seclusion, they finally feel like their lives are once again their own. Eve is pregnant, in love with her new little charge, Cara, and hopes for nothing but the best.

But then, just when they think that maybe things are looking up, Cara is kidnapped by none other than the monster they thought they’d left behind, Natalie, who also happens to be Cara’s mother. Natalie is evil, smart, and power hungry and Eve knows that Natalie never had a qualm about killing one of her daughters in the past and now, Eve fears, she is going to do the same to Cara. All that Natalie wants is wealth and power and she will do whatever it takes to get it.

While Eve and Joe set off to save Cara, once again, and protect their family, MacDuff takes off, determined to find Circa’s gold before anyone else can. It will take all of them to stop the reign of terror that is Natalie. Can Eve protect her family, including her unborn son, Michael, before it is too late?

Night and Day is an exciting and well written novel. The story quickly picks up from the previous book, never skipping a beat. It allows fans to simply continue pace with the plot action and feel the emotions, giving them an almost cinematic story line to hold onto. Night and Day is not vastly different from the other Eve Duncan series’ books, which may cause unfamiliar readers to second guess the read. To me, the fact that Night and Day holds true to the Eve Duncan series’ plot line simply proves Iris Johansen’s ability to not only give readers an interesting series but her ability to also bring the life of Eve to full fruition. Readers would be smart to first read Shadow Play and Hide Away before picking up this book. In the end, Night and Day is action packed, smartly worded, and is a great addition to the Eve Duncan series.

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