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Reviewed by Jenna Arthur

Imagine your life if you were to all of a sudden become invisible. Those you love don’t recognize you, you no longer have your job, your home, and your life seems like it is all but over. This is what happened to Richard Mayhew, a seemingly normal man from London.

Richard, a Scot, recently moved to London. He has a good job, a fiance he loves and a life he worked hard for. But that all changes one night when, walking with his fiance down the streets of London, he meets a young girl named Door, lying broken and bleeding on the sidewalk. Richard graciously helps the young girl but the morning after she starts him on a journey that will forever alter his normal life.

Sent to track down the Marquis de Carabas, in order to save Door from the group that attacked her and from the evil Vandemar, Richard sets out thinking it will just be another day. Is he ever wrong!

Once he brings the Marquis to Door, they both disappear, And as Richard quickly realizes, his life does as well. Seemingly invisible, he travels to London below to try and find down Door and get his life back.

From there we meet countless other fantastical characters, such as Hunter, the bodyguard turned traitor, Vandemar, the villian and many more. The journey weaves them on their quest to fight evil and to save Door, their world and return Richard to normalcy. But will Richard really want normalcy again after being involved in the universe that is London below? Will Door survive and Vandemar fall?

Neverwhere is an interesting and wildly imaginative work by Neil Gaiman. Its characters are complex in several different ways making the read fun as well as thrilling. You begin to see, throughout the book, Richard’s life and mind change and the effects that evil and oppression have on everyone’s lives. Gaiman is a master of words and his stories never disappoint–Neverwhere is no exception. It is a fantastical read that both fantasy and young adult readers will highly enjoy. (Also, check out the television adaptation series on DVD)

Jenna lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh with her wife and furry children. She loves to cook, watch movies, and looks for inspiration in every book she reads.

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