9780545434188_p0_v2_s260x420Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

I was very excited to read Neverwas, the second installment in the Amber House Trilogy when it was offered to me. If you haven’t read Amber House, don’t be alarmed–you will not be lost at all. The authors do a great job of recanting the first book in the series.

Neverwas is the continuing story about Sarah and her family moving into Amber House, which has been her family’s home for several generations. Amber House has its own memories of every occupant that has ever stayed or lived there, the good and the bad. In Amber House Sarah chooses to save her brother Sam and Aunt Maggie. In Neverwas Sarah must choose to do it again but this time hope it doesn’t alter the time line more than it already has.

Sarah remembers a time line that no one else does. She realizes that in this current time George Washington was never president and that the colonies are still separated by segregation and racism, and women are viewed as lesser than men. She wants to go back to the time she remembers where everyone was equal and happier.

Sarah finds that Amber House is trying to tell her something important with echoes of the past, a past she remembers. With the help of her good friend, Jackson (who sees the future), they manage to decipher the house’s clues to fix this time line, or do they? We will just have to wait for the next installment.

As I was reading Neverwas, I found it to be a quick and easy read. Unfortunately, it was a little too similar to Amber House. I was expecting and wanting more or at least something different from the first one. I didn’t find this story to be bad but not great either. I didn’t feel a connection with any of the characters. Although I did find myself curious about the point in Sarah’s past when she altered the time and created this new separate time line.

I recommend this story to those who haven’t read Amber House or to those who just want to continue the story.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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