never let you go book coverReviewed by Melanie Kline

Action packed and thrilling, Never Let You Go grips your attention from beginning to end. Lexi Soloman’s past has just come crashing down around her in the space of a week. The husband that abandoned her and her 2-year-old child, her ex-lover that murdered her sister and the drug dealer that stole her husband away into a blur of crystal meth have all come calling.

Lexi has spent the last seven years of her life trying to forget and get past the events that threatened to take her sanity. She’s been working two jobs and juggling bills to make ends meet and provide a good home and decent life for her daughter Molly. Lexi never goes out and strives to always make the right decisions in her life. Unfortunately, disaster has other plans for her.

Confused and on the brink of hopeless, Lexi must ask herself “Why now?” Why after seven years did Grant come back thinking he could be a husband and father? Why is Norman’s parole hearing this Friday in her town? Why is Ward now trying to collect her husband’s debts from her? She cannot help but feel that all of these things are connected somehow, but how and why?

Lexi’s life has come down to a battle between good and evil and she must try to figure out how to win for the sake of her child. She is being forced to face her past mistakes and secrets and find a way to forgive others for the wrongs committed against her or lose the thing that matters to her most in the world–Molly. Yet, how do you forgive abandonment, betrayal and murder?

Suspenseful and heart pounding, this book grabs you and doesn’t let go until the very end. You cannot help but question yourself along the way–what would you do? Would you make the same decisions?

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