I have a copy of Nerd Haiku by Robb Pearlman to give away!

About the book

Nerd Haiku by Robb Pearlman is the perfect book for kids, teens and techie nerd adults alike! The illustrated book takes a light-hearted pointed poke at the absurdities, stereotypes, and truths of nerd culture humor done in perfect haiku format — 5 7 5. Nerd Haiku is a geektastic collection of more than 200 witty short poems that capture the very essence of nerd.

The poems in Nerd Haiku speak to the core elements of the nerd universe: science fiction, fantasy, comic books, super heroes, big-budget movies, role-playing games, TV series, animation, cosplay, as well as celebrated authors, artists, actors, and franchises. Everyone from the nerds to the average Joe and kids who are going back to school will appreciate and cherish these gems of poetic wisdom.a Rafflecopter giveaway