natural to knockout book coverReviewed by Wendy Fitos

Carol Brown is an Emmy Award winning makeup artist and her book, Natural to Knockout, proves that she deserves the award. After reading her introduction, the study that she puts into creating her looks is so advanced from the makeup artists being featured currently as celebrity artists that I couldn’t wait to delve into her techniques. I wasn’t disappointed. She takes each feature on the face and discusses how to enhance the feature if it is a favorite or how to minimize the feature if it isn’t the most flattering to the face. She studied physiognomy, also known as face reading, which is the art of using the features of one’s face to learn about their character. She uses this knowledge to create her makeup looks.

For the beginning makeup artist, Natural to Knockout may be advanced but there are several tips and techniques that will help makeup artists at any level. For the more advanced artist, this book will be difficult to put down because Brown has a passion for makeup and skin and there are several techniques that will make any look flawless. With You Tube creating instant celebrity artists, reading a book that has been created over a 25 year career reinforces that to create beautiful looks that truly enhance women, it is necessary to never stop learning and bettering one’s skills.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Wendy Fitos is a makeup artist and esthetician with 22 years of experience. Her goal is to educate women on how to create looks that will meet both professional and personal styles. Wendy lives in Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys reading and exercising.

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