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About the book

The narrator of My Sunshine Away tells the riveting story of the summer of 1989, when he was a fourteen-year-old boy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in love with the girl across the street, Lindy Simpson. Lindy was the girl with the golden hair and perfect legs, who rode her bicycle to track practice every afternoon, leaving a trail of beguiled boys in her wake. Yet one late summer eve, a crime shattered everyone’s illusion of the supposed idyllic neighborhood, and nothing was ever the same again.

My Sunshine Away will bring you back to your childhood. It will bring you back to your family. It will bring you back to your youth and your entry into adulthood and all the responsibilities that entails. With poetic prose, Walsh brilliantly shows how family, memory and forgiveness are all inextricably linked—and how often the moments that affect us the most profoundly as adults are not necessarily the moments we would predict.

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