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Reviewed by Meghan Hyden

My Lady Viper is the story of Lady Anne, the sister-in-law of Queen Jane, King Henry VIII’s third wife. The author has written the book as journal entries, which allows you to see all kinds of emotions and actions that the people in her life would not have been party to. It begins as she is standing in the courtyard, watching the end of Anne Boleyn’s life, and ends shortly after King Henry dies, when Anne’s own husband takes over, at least until King Edward is old enough to walk in his father’s footsteps.

In these pages, you’ll read of lies and manipulation, love and hate, death and new life, friends and enemies, pain, hurt, sadness, extreme happiness – and lots of drama. All of the things I have come to love when reading about the Tudor clan.

You not only get the story of Anne, but the story of everyone in court, from her eyes (what she sees) and her ears (the things that are shared with her by her husband, Edward, and the people around her).

I was literally, at some points, sitting on the edge of my chair, unable to put the book down, to look away, wanting, no needing, to see the outcome of this or the outcome of that. Even knowing a lot about this time and the events that happened, I still was on pins and needles, hoping this person gets away with this or, on the other hand, hoping that someone finally gets caught. There were bad decisions, as was “the thing” at the time, that made me want to just shake Anne and ask her what in the WORLD was she thinking … and things that happened, things completely out of her control (and sometimes that perhaps she may have caused or may have pushed further than need be), things that she regretted, that made me just want to hug her and tell her everything would be OK.

The author lets you know at the beginning of the book that, even though she did a lot of research on Anne, there really isn’t a lot about her in the history books, so she took a few … liberties … with this story. At the end of the book, she talks about some of the things that she changed.

It is truly an amazing story and very well written. The characters, especially Anne (because of the way the book was written), are very in-depth and ones that you either love or hate … or both (there were a few that I would cheer for on one page, then become angry with on the next). I know that she has another book coming out soon and, to be honest, I can’t wait to get my hands on that one too.

Anyone who is interested in the Tudors – or even the monarchy – should definitely read this book.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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