my inappropriate lifeReviewed by Carrie Ardoin

I have read all but the latest of E’s late night comedy/talk show host Chelsea Handler’s books. I found them pretty hilarious, filled with the blunt attitude of Chelsea herself, though they were also filled with some tales I simply did not believe ever occurred. As I am familiar with all the regulars on Chelsea’s show, Chelsea Lately, I was looking forward to delving into Heather McDonald’s second set of amusing tales.

Unfortunately, what I found is that Mrs. McDonald’s anecdotes are light on the hilarity, and completely lacking in substance. Heather is a writer and regularly featured co-host on Chelsea Lately. She is also a wife and mother of three. The stories told in My Inappropriate Life come from both sides of the fine and sometimes blended line she straddles as a working mom.

As I am a mother myself, I could relate to some of the things Heather shares. But I have a strong feeling that if you are not a parent, then more than half of this book will be boring for you–just another mom telling stories about her kid that are only important to her. For example, I can understand the stress of worrying that your son will not get into the school you truly want him to attend (I’m going through the same thing myself, coincidentally), so the idea of a full grown woman crying in the principal’s office and trying to bribe her is equal parts funny and sad. But if you’re not a mom, you’re going to be left holding this book, rolling your eyes and wondering what the big deal is–isn’t a school a school?

The book definitely delivers on its’ title, however. If you want inappropriate, take a look at the tale of Heather accidentally leaving behind a little gift in the bathroom of Chelsea Handler’s private plane. Or I could recommend the one where she accidentally takes her young children to the swimming pool of the Hard Rock Vegas when the decidedly not-for-children party called “Rehab” is about to begin.

For myself, I found the stories of motherhood, trying to find friends, and being a good wife the most entertaining of all. There are also chapters featuring celebrity weddings and parties, but they end with Heather having given them no real point at all.

If you liked Heather McDonald’s first book, then you’ll probably like this one as well. I just wish it read better than, “Well this one time I was talking to Kim Kardashian…”

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Carrie runs the blog Sweet Southern Home, and is a stay at home wife and mom to one little boy. When she’s not reading, she’s usually watching Netflix with her husband, playing outside with her son, or baking. Her family would describe her as sometimes annoyingly sarcastic, but mostly lovable. 

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