We continue our weekend TV show preview with a look at the new CBS series, &#*! My Dad Says!

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Written by Meg M.

Believe it or not, this fall’s new CBS series, $#*! My Dad Says, is based on the popular Twitter page of the same, uncensored name. The Twitter page was created by Justin Halpern, a writer who shares the outlandish musings of his 74-year-old father, Samuel. 1.4 million followers later, Justin has also released a best-selling book based on the project.

William Shatner plays Ed Goodson, a disgruntled war veteran and father to Henry, an out-of-work writer portrayed by Grey’s Anatomy’s Ryan Devlin. Henry has no choice but to move in with his opinionated father when he is no longer able to pay rent. Suddenly, the unpaid blogger will have to learn to live with his father’s wildly inappropriate words of wisdom. MadTV’s Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan also star.

Anybody can relate to being embarrassed by their parents, but despite the presence of fan favorite William Shatner, I can’t help but wonder if a television series based on a Twitter page really has the chance to succeed. Will readers of the original Twitter feed be impressed with a more censored version of Justin Halpern’s original content?

My opinion? After reading the original Twitter, I’m not entirely sure that the original readers will be as entertained by the tv version. Though the original feed is certainly not family-friendly, readers seem to relate to the blunt nature of its content. I’m worried that the series will, in the absence of some of the more vulgar material and colorful language, resort to politically incorrect jokes that will be more offensive than humorous.

But like any series, you be the judge! The series will air Thursday nights on CBS.

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