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by Kat Lieu

In 2006, I won third place in Seventeen Magazine’s Annual Fiction Contest. My winning short story, “The Bike Ride”, was about a silly girl named Sara and her first love Ian. I expanded upon the short story and wrote a first version of My Cup of Tea, published it on fictionpress.com and gathered a fan following. I also created a popular game based on this story, which can be found on my website, nummyz.com.

During my three-month maternity leave, while my sumo son, Philly (he’s super chubs – photo below) slept, I completely rewrote My Cup of Tea and published it on January 18th, 2014. I wanted to finish writing this book because once maternity leave ends, I’ll be working full-time during the day and taking care of Philly during the night.

I had so much fun writing My Cup of Tea, a book that features two points of view in present tense. It was a bit of a challenge too, but I love writing in the first-person now. My Cup of Tea is a new adult romantic comedy about a nerdy pastry chef, Sara, who falls for her badass, rich boy boss, Ian.

photoSara lost her mother at the age of ten to breast cancer. Sara creates a best-selling cupcake at Ian’s failing bakery, calling it the Olivia in memory of her mother.

During the entire month of October 2014, 50% of the profits from this book’s sales will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure ®.

As a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, I’ve treated hundreds of patients with breast cancer and have a special place in my heart for them.

Here’s an excerpt of my book, My Cup of Tea. Happy reading everyone, and a big, big thank you to the wonderful Vera for welcoming me back as a guest blogger again.

My Cup of Tea: Summer of Love, Book One Excerpt:

Oh hey, there’s Aunt Tootie (the strangest of them all) staring daggers my way. Holy, she should not have worn that teenie-tiny yellow bikini with red polka dots. It looks like she has jaundice and chicken pox at the same time. I think I’m going to have nightmares for a week. Oh the horror. How she jiggles!

When she notices me, I wiggle my eyebrows at her. She shakes her head at me and quickly looks away. Ha.

I exit the pool and dry off with a soft navy-blue beach towel. As I’m staring straight ahead, someone catches my eyes.

She’s that silly bee-in-the-ear girl from the wedding. Sitting alone under a large umbrella on the patio, she’s holding what looks like an e-reader. She’s wearing an unattractive one-piece bathing suit that reminds me of seaweed. Auntie Tootie and the girl should swap outfits.

Over the girl’s lap is a towel with watermelons all over it.

I shake my head. She’s the most covered-up female at the party. Even Granny Fran is wearing a stylish blue bikini. You go girl, Granny Fran. Rock that thong.

Anyway, whatever that girl is reading creates different expressions on her face every few seconds. She bites her bottom lip and furrows her brow. Then she widens her eyes.

She’s just so darn animated. I’d like to know what kind of meds she’s taking and get some for myself. I walk toward her. What do I hope to accomplish from this encounter? Just to say hi and maybe apologize? I’d like to know how the hospital treated her little bee sting. Might as well keep myself entertained for the rest of the day. Time will pass faster that way.

The girl looks up as if sensing my approach. Her jerk-alert senses must be tingling. Our eyes meet. Hers widen like a startled lamb’s in the presence of a wolf. Then they narrow into unhappy slits when she recognizes me. I prepare to duck just in case she decides to chuck that e-reader at my head. That thing has hard edges. It’s guaranteed to hurt if she has a mean throw. Though I highly doubt that, seeing how she has un-toned arms and small hands.

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