Reviewed by Meg Massey

Sarah and Mia Castles are two sisters who share everything, including a love for Jane Austen and Mr. Darcy. But when a weekend away ends in the two of them falling in love with the same man, the sisters are torn apart, possibly forever.

Fast forward three years later, and obsessive compulsive Sarah is heading to the annual Jane Austen Festival. When she meets a wonderful man named Lloyd who shares her obsessive tendencies, she is afraid to trust in love after what happened in her past. And when she discovers that Mia is attending the same festival with her friend Shelley, she worries about running into her after not speaking to her for three years.

Going back and forth between the past and the present, author Victoria Connelly creates an exciting end to her Darcy Addicts Trilogy. As different as these sisters are, Connelly’s Sarah and Mia are loveable characters whose lives and romances will captivate any reader. And just like all of the previous installments, Connelly creates delightful secondary characters, particularly Shelley and Gabe, that bring just the right amount of humor and honesty to this romantic tale.

Fans of the Darcy Addicts Trilogy will love Mr. Darcy Forever and it’s a fitting end to the series. And despite getting some brief closure from storylines of the novels past, this is a stand-alone book that can be enjoyed without reading the first two books. I’m only sad that the series has come to a close. I can’t wait to see what Connelly comes up with next.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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