Reviewed by Meg Massey

Fannie Rousseau’s world falls apart when her mother dies, leaving her alone to deal with the family’s deteriorating finances. When she stumbles upon a family secret, she makes the decision to head west to discover the truth about the past, and perhaps uncover why her mother was always so distant.

Along the way, she encounters Samuel Beck, a young man working on the steamboat that’s taking her to Montana. Samuel is determined to escape the drunken father whose actions have ripped his family apart, and hoping to find his sister Emma, who ran away.

Fannie soon finds that she can’t stop thinking about Samuel, and he feels the same. But will Samuel’s desire to become a pastor, and the expectation that Fannie will marry a man of means, keep them apart?

A beautiful tale of faith and unconditional love, Stephanie Grace Whitson’s A Most Unsuitable Match is a story that historical fiction fans will love. Samuel and Fannie are two characters that you’ll cheer for and cry with as they encounter their journey’s joys and obstacles.

Rating: 4/5

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