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Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Morgan Hall is the debut novel from Bo Briar. The story is set in an old English town with an old English estate, Morgan Hall. Morgan Hall has more than just the living inhabiting it. The spirits are more than a little interested in Lady Christie and only appear to her. Why? She is afraid she’s going crazy when everyone tells her its nightmares, too much alcohol or female hysterics. Her good friend Jonathan, who is also her groundskeeper, starts to see the spirits and has his cottage ransacked by them.

When her longtime friend Anthony comes for a visit with his friend Tristan, she hopes everything will calm down – except it only gets worse. The two friends also try telling Lady Christie that it’s all in her head until they too start experiencing the spirits for themselves. Lady Christie, Anthony and Tristan are unable to figure out what the spirits want.

Complicating the matters is the fact that Lady Christie is torn between her love for both Anthony and Tristan. Unbeknownst to her, Tristan has a troubled past and isn’t who he appears to be. As Christie’s love grows for both men, she must make some difficult decisions and in the process learn more about the spirits and what they want with her. She is the missing link between all of the spirits and they won’t stop until they get what they want, which is Lady Christie.

I found Morgan Hall to be intriguing at times but found myself disliking Christie for stringing along the two men; I thought it was unfair to everyone involved. I often found myself saying “Why would you do that?” to Christie. Overall, the story flowed nicely and was a quick read. It had everything from haunted English manors, spirits, and friendship, to murder, mystery, heartache, and love. I look forward to reading more by Ms Briar.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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