A Month In India cover copyReviewed by Alysia George

If your wanderlust needs a kick start, you should be pleased to discover the gorgeous photographic book, A Month in India, by David Mellonie. As someone who has long desired to experience the wonder of India firsthand, this work of art has definitely had that effect upon me. Mellonie’s talents, as both the photographer and the author, work together perfectly to inspire the reader to want to have a deeper understanding of this beautiful country. As a westerner, India seems to be the epitome of exotic and mystical travel destinations, and this book reinforces that point of view.

A Month in India is a travel journal, a memoir, and a commentary of a terribly impoverished, yet incredibly stunning country. It chronicles Mellonie’s time spent there – 28 days, 28 photographs. Each vibrant photo is accompanied by prose, describing the scene and offering insightful observations relating to Mellonie’s experiences in India. Reading the essays and admiring the accompanying pictures of the people and sites of India, the rich diversity of the country becomes evident.

Being a lover of photo journals, I thoroughly enjoyed perusing every one of the more than 28 photographs included in A Month in India. The colors, the faces, the clothing, the scenes, both picturesque and sometimes sad in their glimpses of extreme poverty, drew me in. I studied them over and over, and every time I looked I found details I had missed previously. Although I read a digital copy, this is the type of book that would make a lovely, glossy coffee table masterpiece, to be read often and admired by guests.

While the pictures are outstanding, what makes this photographic book really stand out is the prose. I really appreciated reading what the author had to say about each photo. As a travel journal, it is unique. Often times I find one or the other, but to have both striking images and a story to go along with them is something special. Mellonie’s experiences visiting different, diverse areas of India are interesting to read about, and eye opening. A Month in India is something I would love to add to the collection of travel books on my bookshelf.

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Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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