Reviewed by Claudia Robinson

“To say that Monsieur lacks any moral compass isn’t quite right. His own sense of morality is mainly affected by pleasure. He is motivated by his inexhaustible libido, and his whole life is consumed by a socially perfect form of sexual energy, which turns everything into a feast of delight, passion, and intoxicating flight of fancy.” – Ellie

Intrigued by her Uncle’s older friend, the skilled surgeon, Monsieur, and his indulgence in erotic literature, Ellie, despite being 20 years his junior, initiates an affair. It begins simply enough, using modern media, Facebook messages, text messages, little exchanges filled with intent and meaning, building in content, until they become lewd and lascivious, demonstrating the consensual and mutual need between them. Sexually forward, learned and hungry, Ellie seeks, and finds, in Monsieur, an equally depraved and devious sexual partner, and in spite of his marital status, or age, chooses him to be her master in the art of sexual degradation and indulgence.

The affair is torrid and violent. Ellie has many lovers, but Monsieur is her sex-mate. He elicits in her body and mind, visions, desires and dreams no other man, or woman can. She is constantly hungry for him, for words, for attention, for the demands of his body, his hands, his mouth upon hers, and can barely breathe in his absence. In her, Monsieur has found a toy, a body, a series of holes, each delivering different pleasure, which are open, always and at any time, to his demands. His love, though, remains ever and steadfast, to his wife, eventually causing a chasm between Ellie and Monsieur that widens with every question, every missed dalliance, every unanswered call or text message.

Determined to put passion to paper, Ellie, encouraged by Monsieur, begins writing of their story, and when Ellie feels her lover pulling away, she manages to use the book as pretense to see him again. Each meeting resulting in more pain and degradation for her, her desperation as redolent on her as his sex scent. Sick, feverish with need and desire, Ellie becomes obsessed with the object of her lust, and readers are gifted an intimate perspective of how dangerous lust and need are, and what they can do to a soul.

Erotic, explicit, dirty, exquisitely real, Monsieur, to be fair, is not a book for everyone. Honest and minutely detailed, it’s a literary orgasm that will leave even the most daring sexual beings panting for ‘one more time’. Destructive, dangerous and delicious, Monsieur treads, like no other book, through the quagmire of an affair, from first flame to fire, to smoke and to embers, and the devastation, consequences, and emotions that ensue from the unholy union. It will leave readers uneasy, squirming and breathless, with a sticky residue of disgrace that no hand washing will erase; sublime debauchery delivered with brutal, gaping wide-open, honesty. Disgustingly gorgeous. You have been warned.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Claudia lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband and two children.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Arcade Publishing. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.