Reviewed by Meg Massey

Raising a Modern-Day Princess is a guide from authors Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna. This wonderful book describes how mothers, fathers, friends and mentors can instill godly strength, grace and integrity into the lives of their daughters and other young women in their churches and communities.

As a young woman who has no children (yet) I read this book from a very interesting perspective. I was raised in a loving home where my parents encouraged me to pursue my dreams, but there are so many young women out there who were not. So many do not know their worth; so many do not know the importance of inner beauty and strength.

Pam and Doreen emphasize the importance of the mother and father’s encouragement in a young girl’s life. The authors detail ways that parents can cultivate a stronger relationship with their young daughters. The authors also recognize the important role that mentors and other community members can play in these girls’ futures. For that reason, this book is a must-read for pastors, youth pastors, counselors, and anyone interested in making a difference in a young woman’s life.

I really enjoyed Raising a Modern-Day Princess. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” is so true. While I do believe that encouragement from the parents is probably the most important affirmation a young lady can receive, I personally have felt encouraged and uplifted by so many great women and men in my church and community. There are so many young ladies out there who need encouragement; perhaps they have absent or abusive parents. As the authors write, “One voice to confirm her value can make all the different in a girl’s life.” Pick up this book and be that one voice.

Rating: 5/5

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