mirrored book coverReviewed by Amanda Farmer

Everyone knows the story of Snow White and Mirrored by Alex Flinn is a fairy tale retelling of this classic. Mirrored is the story of Violet, an unpopular teenager who endures constant taunts from her classmates. She believes that if only she can be beautiful then everyone will love her. She meets Kendra (those who have read Flinn’s other stories will remember her character), who teaches her that she is in fact a witch and can change her appearance on a whim. Violet does this but even as she becomes beautiful, no one befriends her. In turn, she becomes obsessed with her friend Greg and believes herself to be in love with him. No matter what Kendra tries to tell her, nothing can change Violet’s mind.

The story is divided into two sections told from different point of views, Violet’s and Celine’s. In the second half of the story we meet Celine, Greg and Jennifer’s daughter (both of whom Violet is obsessed with). Violet causes harm to Jennifer and is in turn able to marry Greg–something she has always wanted. Celine is beautiful without trying to be and looks like her mother, Jennifer, which just irritates Violet to the point of hating her stepdaughter and trying to harm her. Violet has now become the “evil stepmother”. She plays this role so well that I found myself starting to hate her character as the pages turned. Celine is a wonderful character who cannot figure out why her stepmother hates her so and why her father chooses to ignore all the signs of witchcraft that seem to follow Violet around.

Although the story is unbelievable at times, it is a fairy tale and thus not really supposed to be realistic. I enjoyed reading it and loved getting to know Celine, Goose (Celine’s friend), and learning more about Kendra. The only real problem I had with Mirrored was the overblown obsession Violet had with beautiful and with having Greg all to herself. I mean, come on, there are other guys out there and beauty isn’t everything.

I thought Flinn did an excellent job of retelling Snow White and I look forward to reading other retellings by her.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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