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Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Miramont’s Ghost is a hard story to review without giving away too many spoilers. Miramont’s Ghost by Elizabeth Hall is not your typical ghost story. This story is a chilling, haunting tale of a young girl, Adrienne Beauvier, who is a clairvoyant and struggles with it throughout her short life.

The story opens in France and the readers are then transported, together with Adrienne, to Manitou Springs, Colorado, where Miramont Castle was built. Adrienne was close to her grandfather because he seemed to understand her “gift/curse”. Unfortunately, he passes away leaving her alone with a distant uncaring mother, an absent father, two younger siblings, a manipulative, abusive aunt (Marie), and an abusive cousin (Julien). Her only real friend is Lucie, her nanny, but she is removed from the family by Marie. Adrienne is left to find her way around Marie and Julien’s plans for her and figure out a way to escape. Throughout the story Adrienne is abused, isolated, friendless, and depressed all because of her “gift/curse”. She is able to see her family’s past and future. As a result, her family is threatened by her and her neighbors aren’t sure what to think of her.

I thought the story to be well written but found the ending to be lacking especially after finding out that this story was inspired by the real Miramont Castle in Colorado and the french priest who built it and his mysterious disappearance. I felt that Hall could have given Adrienne a different ending and a better resolution to the story. Adrienne was a fighter at the beginning but quickly gave up, which I had a hard time believing with everything that happened to her. I felt like she took the easy way out, which disappointed me.

Overall, I would recommend this story only to those looking for a disturbing ghost story. Miramont’s Ghost will definitely leave you feeling chilled and disturbed after reading it. The story was slow throughout and never really picked up for me. I did not find myself connecting to any of the characters in the story. I would, however, be willing to give this author another try.

As a note to those deciding to read this story, there are troubling scenes of abuse, rape and pedophilia.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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