Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Picture the world as we know it gone. In its place is a wasteland and only the children are left. The Earth was conquered by the Assembly, who in turn infected Earth’s inhabitants with the Tone. The Tone is a telekinetic mind control that turns the victim’s eyes solid black and the victim hears static voices. All of the adults were infected and turned into mindless zombies who started walking towards the nearest Assembly ship. The children are also infected but are able to fight off the Tone until they reach adulthood. There are also a few who are immune to the Tone and they are called the Heedless.

Midnight City is at heart a story about a heedless bounty hunter named Holt and his faithful dog, Max. The two are in pursuit of the latest bounty, a freebooter (someone who uses Strange Lands artifacts as magic) named Mira. The Strange Lands are places where no one is said to have survived and now people (Freebooters) go in to obtain objects with powers to be used alone or in combination with other objects. Once Holt catches up with Mira, he is in for a few surprises from both Mira and the Assembly.

After a while, Holt and Mira are able to come to a mutual agreement about her return to Midnight City. This is because they meet a young child named Zoey. Zoey has some rather unique abilities that I will keep a surprise for readers. Zoey is from the Strange Lands and the Assembly wants her very badly.

The three companions set out for Midnight City, which is a well-protected underground city. The survivors live in the city, scavenging and trading for goods, waiting for the Tone to take control. Midnight City has more than a few surprises for our traveling companions.

I really enjoyed reading Midnight City and can’t wait for the sequel to find out what happens next. Midnight City was well written and kept me guessing all the way through it. This story has everything from friendship, survival, danger, mystery, betrayal, trust, love, the unknown, aliens, and mindless zombies. As you read the story, you slowly learn more about the Assembly and their armies that include Vultures, Raptors, Hunters, Osprey, and others. I highly recommend this story to others who like mystery, aliens, and zombies all thrown together.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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