menagerie book coverReviewed by Amanda Farmer

I was so excited to get to review Menagerie by Rachel Vincent that I read it in a matter of days. If you have not read any of Rachel Vincent’s books, you need too. You won’t be disappointed. I loved this book as much as I love her other series. Menagerie is about Delilah and how she is going to be celebrating her twenty-fifth birthday at a traveling menagerie owned by Rudolph Metzger, with her boyfriend and her friends in tow. The menagerie is an assortment of cryptids that now have no rights since the reaping that took place killing millions years ago. The cryptids include werewolves, sirens, oracles, minotaurs, berserkers, mermaids, ogres, trolls, fae, and so many more. Everyone wants to believe that the cryptids are monsters but as we find out, not all of them are. Cryptids are locked up no matter what kind they are, experimented on or gawked at at places like Metzger’s Menagerie.

Delilah’s world is turned upside down on her birthday when she witnesses a young werewolf being abused in the menagerie and stands up for her. But in doing so, she exposes herself to be a cryptid–one she never knew she was. She finds herself having no rights and being sold to the menagerie. As a cryptid, Delilah loses everything except her spirit. She will not bow to Gallagher (assigned to break her) or to the other menagerie employees. Delilah learns so much while being at the menagerie and befriends the others there.

In places, this story is hard to read; there is abuse, cruelty on so many levels, sexual harassment, captivity, and torture. This book is intended for mature readers, not young adults. Despite these tough topics, Vincent was spot on with the world building and excelled at having Delilah grow individually and as a cryptid.

I loved how Delilah grew and was not beaten into submission at Metzger’s. Delilah stayed compassionate throughout the story no matter what was thrown at her and discovered what kind of cryptid she was in the end. I loved how the book ended and I cannot wait for the next book–there are more to come and I am impatiently waiting! I enjoyed reading about Gallagher (I mean, is he all bad?), Claudio, Genni, Eryx, the oracle sisters, and all of the others. Menagerie had my emotions all over the place as I read it. It is an excellent story that will not disappoint and will leaving you thinking well after you have finished it.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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