Reviewed by Poppy Johnson

Meet to Marry by Bari Lyman is a guidebook for anyone interested in changing the way he or she thinks about dating and eventually getting married. The Meet to Marry philosophy is one that approaches dating as a precursor to marriage and that encourages the daters to look for a deeper, lasting and more meaningful love while choosing their lifetime partner. Granted, finding a lifetime partner is probably the goal for most daters already, but they may waste valuable time dating around and dating the wrong type of person from the very start.

The steps in the Meet to Marry program are easy to follow. They include becoming your own best friend first, understanding your perfect type of relationship by evaluating your own emotional needs, choosing meaningful conversations with your partner , and creating your own dating plan of action. The book has a helpful Date to Marry Tip pull out, Readiness Quizzes, and a hypothetical question and answer section.

Of course, most people report getting that tingling feeling when they think they’ve met the right person. But it is possible to miss the subtle signs that someone you are dating is the right person if you don’t know what to look for in the first place.

By writing down your expectations and doing the work to find out your true needs and expectations, it is possible to put yourself in the best possible position for finding a more than suitable mate. Lyman even provides a section on how to teach other people to be a match maker for you. Dating is a lot less scary when the rules for success are written in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand and follow guidelines.

Most people assume that once they meet the “right” person it is the best time to get married. But it is critical to discuss the issues that are the most important to the couple. The core issues can be difficult to discuss outright, because it can make the couple uncomfortable to bring up these sensitive topics. However, without an agreement or understanding on these core issues in the early stages of the relationship, the couple may be on the road to certain failure.

Meet to Marry offers information on getting through the best and worst of dating times. Lyman gives advice which is appropriate for men and women and hope to anyone currently unattached that the right person is out there.

Rating: 5/5

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