mary mary quite book coverReviewed by Sarah McCubbin

In her book, Mary Mary Quite: On Raising Children: (and other mind-altering substances), Mary Huckstep shares her humorous observations on marriage, motherhood and ordinary life. With a heavy helping of sarcasm and wit, her chapters invite the readers to laugh as she addresses everything from getting organized to pest control and what she calls, “bedtime crimes.” Raising little ones is something many women dream of but reality is often more chaotic than anyone could have imagined. In our house we have seven children, and it often feels more like a freak show than a Norman Rockwell painting. My favorite part of this book is when Mary realizes that those “child-leashes” are not child abuse but really an ingenious invention! I was laughing out loud with her, remembering the looks and comments I received using one with my active toddler years ago.

Unlike most books targeting an adult audience, this book came with full color illustrations by David Condry to accent each and every comedic chapter. The book’s unusually large size brings to life all those infamous moments we wish we could forget as parents as we sometimes flounder through raising our children. As she recounts the adventures of parenthood and matrimony, Mary’s husband Hank (otherwise known as Good Old Hunk) makes several appearances navigating the roller coaster of life. Her tales of many failed cooking attempts (patiently endured by Hank), mistaking salt and sugar, baking things to a burn crisp, and creating delicacies even the dog refuses are sure to make any woman feel just about normal!

Whether one is at the “leash stage” with their children or on the more adventurous stage of navigating freedom with teens and young drivers, this book is sure to bring a touch of sanity to those days when quitting sounds pretty good. I’ve had a few days like that and the honest humor shared in this book reminds me that I can choose to laugh at many of the mishaps that occur on a near daily basis. Nearly any woman who has raised or is raising children would enjoy the humorous wisdom and observations in Mary Mary Quite.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Sarah McCubbin is a homeschooling and foster mom in NE Ohio where she resides with her husband and 7 children. In addition to reading great books, she enjoys gardening, traveling and blogging at Living Unboxed.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Mary Huckstep. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.