MarketStreetReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

In Anita Hughes’ sophomore novel, Market Street, Cassie Blake must choose whether her marriage is worth saving when she discovers that her husband cheated on her. Cassie Blake, maiden name Fenton, is the heiress of San Francisco’s most beloved department store. Choosing love over her legacy, Cassie does not live the life of San Franciscan royalty. Instead, she lives a simpler life that is more pleasing to the wishes of her husband, Aidan.

It’s by mistake that Cassie discovers Aidan, a college professor, has had an appropriate relationship with one of his students. Brokenhearted, Cassie temporarily moves in with her best friend, Alexis, while pursuing a passion with food and finally embracing her mother’s wishes for her to become more involved with Fenton’s. Just as Cassie is ready to forgive Aidan, she meets a potential new love interest and isn’t certain she is willing to go back to Aidan’s life plan for her.

Market Street deals with the same issues as Hughes’ first novel: infidelity and moving on or repairing the marriage. I actually enjoyed Market Street quite a bit more than I did Monarch Beach. Cassie was very relatable, and quite down to earth, considering her mother is the owner of a famous department store and her best friend is a pampered housewife whose only job is spending her husband’s money as fast as he can make it. In Cassie’s situation, I would have jumped to the same conclusion after her first encounter with Molly, a student of Aidan’s. However, I was a bit disappointed Cassie wasn’t quite able to see how Aidan used sex to control her.

As much as I liked Market Street, there were a few things about it that bothered me. A new love interest pops up for Cassie in James, her partner on her food emporium project for Fenton’s. James has just broken up with someone, and though he knows Cassie is married, he puts the moves on her. As with Monarch Beach, there is also a lot of name dropping for certain brands and people who I assume are important to San Francisco society. Unfortunately without any description of the clothes mentioned or brief bios for some of the people mentioned, the importance of them was lost on me.

While I read Market Street, I couldn’t stop thinking this would make a fantastic dramatic chick flick. I could see various scenes play out as I read each word, and I even began to cast the characters. I highly recommend picking this book up as your next vacation book; you’ll easily find yourself caring about Cassie and wanting nothing but the best outcome for her.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English. She occasionally dabbles with her own fiction writing, particularly with the Young Adult and Paranormal genres. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and daughter.

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