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“Manual For Living: Reality” by Seth David Chernoff

[ 3 ] May 31, 2010 |

Reviewed by Poppy J.

David Chernoff’s Manual For Living: Reality is a true manual on how to live one’s life to the fullest. Everyone has the sense that it is necessary to reinvent one’s self after a divorce or loss of employment, to mention a few. However, many people do not realize that it is possible to live a quality life at all times. People should be conscious of how they live their lives every day, and not just when everything goes wrong.

Manual For Living is a spiritual guide that is best read in smaller sections. In fact, even the author discourages reading it from cover to cover. Each chapter offers advice, questions for self reflection, answers and suggestions for fulfilling a life’s purpose in a spiritual way.

I found the book to work for me as it put everything in my life into a greater perspective. I found a quiet time and place to read the book on a regular basis. Manual For Living is a guide to finding balance and reconnecting with your spirit. Some people are likely to be uncomfortable with the exercises suggested in the book. Their lives are busy, and they feel that they don’t have the time, energy or reason to reconnect with themselves. But the author feels this exercise is essential to living a better life, and he is correct – it is mandatory to getting it right.

I have to admit that I was happier after reading Manual For Living. It showed me that there were simple moments of happiness that I had missed along the way. These were not necessarily milestones, but the common and everyday moments that are truly the most special, and which make up the best memories over time.

I’d recommend this book to everyone.

After a decade of working in several NYC law departments and teaching, Poppy decided she enjoyed writing full-time. She currently works as a freelance writing consultant, and lives with her husband and sons on the East Coast.

This book was provided free of any obligation by Spirit Scope Publishing. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.

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  1. 3
    Carol Wong says:

    I read some of this book on-line and think it is one of the better self help books because it does not narrow religion to Christianity and it doesn’t seem preachy. What I didn’t like it that is seemed like old ideas to me. So this would be great for someone seeking help but not already over-immersed in self-help books.

  2. 2
    Vera says:


    The exercises are more like advice or things to do. Here’s an example:

    The author asks if we are rich because we have large amounts of money or if we even know how much money it will take to be considered “rich” in our lives. The author makes a point to state that we are actually poor, not because of a lack of possessions, but because of our inability to appreciate what we have and count our blessings. Our country is prosperous compared to many other countries in the world. Our perception of poor really relates to how little we connect to others and help others in need. The author encourages us to appreciate the riches available in the universe, and also in our local towns. Our richness will come when we take time to grow personally and understand that money will not satisfy our spiritual or emotional needs.

  3. 1
    Kelly H says:

    I believe we could all use a little spiritual guidance from time to time no matter what your belief system is and not just in times of doubt or trouble. It is indeed learning to appreciate to joy in the everyday that can make out lives more worthwhile. Would have like to have more of a sense of what some of the exercises presented in the book are, nothing too detailed — just a short overview would help me to decide if it was something I would more than likely agree to do or if the book came off as too preachy as that is not my style.

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