Reviewed by Denise Gabbard

The Making of Tibias Ivory is set in a small southern town (named Principle for some mysterious reason) in the early 1970’s. As the book opens, we meet Bethany Ivory, the preacher’s daughter, at the grave of her slain lover, Mahognus. “Hog” was hung from a tree and killed a few years before, during the volatile times of racial strife in the late 1960’s. Though it isn’t really spelled out in the book, his relationship with a white girl may have played into the killing. His murder had never been solved.

It is a big day for the town of Principle, and for Bethany, posthumously “Hog,” and their illegitimate and bi-racial five year old son. It is Independence Day, and a parade and celebration are planned, with a plaque being dedicated to Hog in the park. Along the way, we meet Hog’s family, and Bethany’s, though her father has disowned her years before. D. Allen Jenkins takes us through many of the familiar reactions of people to interracial couples that we’ve seen in our own lives, at least those of us who are old enough to remember when it was a huge taboo. He introduces us to the characters and makes us like some, and really despise some of the others – an excellent job of putting the reader right into the story.

Tibias, for all the drama surrounding his young life, is just an innocent five year old who loves everybody and does not see in only black and white. Events set in motion before he was born have largely determined his fate on this summer day.

D. Allen Jenkins takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions throughout the story, and really makes us think about our own feelings and reactions to people who are just a little different from us. I highly recommend The Making of Tibias Ivory to everyone.

Rating: 4/5

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