Welcome to Mailbox MondayMailbox Monday was started by Marcia and every month a different blogger takes over as the host. This week’s Mailbox is hosted by Kathy @ Bermuda Onion’s.

Here are the books that made their way into my mailbox last week:

For Review:

Witch World by Christopher Pike | Tears in Rain by Rosa Montero | The Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan by Jessica Smith and Liz Neporent | Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor by John Kerastas | Sin by Zakhar Prilepin | Wildcat by Cheryl Brooks | National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry by J. Patrick Lewis | Above All Things by Tanis Rideout | The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan | Helsinki Blood by James Thompson | Advice is for Winners by Raul Valdes-Perez | On the Map by Simon Garfield | Nameless by Lili St. Crow | The Secret of Nexus by Jeff Miller | River Road by Suzanne Johnson | Observations by Greg Schroeder | Every Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love | An Extraordinary Theory of Objects by Stephanie LaCava | Cycle by Jay Amberg

Personal Copies 

House of Prayer No. 2 by Mark Richard