Please welcome Lynn Weingarten, author of The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers, who took the time to answer our interview questions!


With Lucy’s new Sisterhood, it seems that the members (Liza, Olivia, and Gil) live a very consequence-free lifestyle. Lucy seems apprehensive throughout. She seems tentative to make the leap of faith in joining the group. Is that why the others in the group seem to be so relaxed? Does this lifestyle require a leap of faith initially?

Lynn: There definitely don’t seem to be a ton of external consequences for the Heartbreakers’ actions, but I wouldn’t say their lifestyle is consequence-free. In the next book some of the internal consequences will be revealed.

It absolutely would require a leap of faith to join the Heartbreakers. They’re so secretive!

In regards to the old adage of art imitating life (or vice-versa), is Lucy a reflection of you (the author) or an amalgamation of characters and heroines from other stories? Or can it be that she is a little of both?

Lynn: Lucy isn’t me, but I have felt every feeling she feels in the book. I can absolutely relate to a lot of what she goes through (well, except maybe not the meeting a group of semi-witches part.

What will come of Tristan after he gets his heart broken? Should we pity him?

Lynn: Definitely don’t feel sorry for Tristan! He plays an even bigger role in the second book. Tristan accepts that happiness and sadness are both important and necessaryparts of life.