Reviewed by Denise Gabbard

Lumby’s Bounty is Gail Fraser’s third book in a series about the small Rocky Mountain town of Lumby. Knowing a bit of her background sets the tone for the book, and the series. Once deeply ensconced in the corporate world, she and her husband followed their dream of living on a farm in a small town. Obviously, she takes inspiration from her surroundings as she crafts Pam and Mark Walker into markedly similar characters.

I can really identify with Lumby as Gail created it; it is small town anywhere, USA. She paints an accurate picture of caring, though often nosy, citizens with great values and neighborliness. A resident of a small town myself for many years, Lumby seems a lot like home. For city dwellers, I’m sure that it paints a picture of the nirvana that so many crave. For that reason alone, Gail’s books will draw continued readership.

Gail doesn’t stop there, however. She also gives us lessons in self-sufficiency (Pam’s pond building experience where she learns to operate heavy equipment) and living a simple life (the monks at Saint Cross Abbey, and really, all of the Lumby citizens.) Imagine a marriage where the biggest difficulty is a disagreement over sewing a balloon- much less stressful than the daily rat race and juggling bills that most people nowadays are living with. In addition, a teenager in the book is so smart that he makes money at every turn. I, for one, would have been thrilled with a teen whose wheels were always turning, full of good ideas for the future.

Lumby’s Bounty was a delightful escape from everyday life, and I highly recommend it. I will be reading the other books in this series myself.

Rating: 4/5

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