Reviewed by Grace Soledad

Love Story tells the story of Erin, an NYU college student who is cut off by her rich grandmother because she wants to pursue a career in creative writing, and who is secretly writing about the lost love of her life. Brutally betrayed by the boy who took her fortune, she crafts “fictional” stories of a romance between a poor stableboy and the rich heiress of the horse farm. After the shocking news of her inheritance, Erin is left on her own.

Until the day that Hunter joins her class. Soon their relationship develops into a writing war as both craft creative revenges at their former lover and miss the love that they used to have. Through the writing class, Erin and Hunter start to fall in love again. But Hunter could just be trying to trick Erin, so she is reluctant to let their love take control. He couldn’t still be using her, could he?

Wonderful and romantic, Love Story is a book that you will not want to miss. Jennifer Echols has truly outdone herself this time. The characters were created to be very complex, revealing different personality traits scattered throughout the book and the plot was paced very well. The stories written by the characters slowly revealed more about Erin and Hunter in shocking and entertaining ways.

The one thing that seemed odd to me was the sexist nature of the writing class. They let Hunter talk about his sexual escapades but wouldn’t let Erin write a story about it. They gave Hunter critique for being brutally honest but gave Erin grief for it. It irritated me throughout the book, but since I can honestly say that it helped the plot, I don’t blame Jennifer Echols for it. It added more depth to the characters while giving me something to debate.

I didn’t like Forget You, but I enjoyed Going Too Far, so I was curious to see how this romantic drama would work out. To my surprise (and happiness), Love Story was the perfect poolside read and I was hooked from the first page. Love Story is the perfect novel for anyone who enjoys beautiful writing, a wonderful romance and truly unforgettable characters.

Rating: 4.5/5

Grace Soledad is a teenage bibliophile who runs the blog Words Like Silver. She is described as “antisocial” because she constantly has her nose buried in a book or a notebook. When not reading, she can be found dancing, writing, or at the beach. She wants to become an author someday and is incredibly passionate about books, and holds several reading awards.

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