Please welcome Spencer Seidel, who is running a Scavenger Blog Hunt to promote his new novel, Lovesick!

About the book

A murder rocks Portland, Maine after police discover an incoherent teen sitting in a pool of blood late one night. Paul Ducharme is found with a murder weapon in one hand, the dead body of his best friend in the other, and no clue how he got to the Eastern Promenade Trail.

A teenage love triangle gone wrong brings Spencer Seidel back with a vengeance in Lovesick (PublishingWorks; $14.95; June 2012), the follow up to his breakout novel Dead of Wynter. Seidel deftly illustrates the trying relationship amid a friend and love interest – each with their own desires, issues and shocking agendas.

Wendy, the girl of Paul’s dreams, has been missing for weeks. Her boyfriend Lee has been murdered–apparently by Paul. It’s an open and shut case–or so most of Portland thinks.

When forensic psychologist Dr. Lisa Boyers is asked to interview Paul, who claims to forget the events leading up to the murder, she reluctantly agrees. In her jailhouse interviews, Lisa helps Paul to recover his memories, but the murder’s circumstances force her to recall her own troubled past.

Media attention mounts. Reporters stream into Portland. All eyes turn to Lisa. She seems intent on exonerating the “brutal teen killer” but quickly finds herself the focus of an over-zealous reporter with a knack for digging up dirty secrets. But the killer who has Lisa in the crosshairs already knows them all.

Excerpt from the book

“Also get people passed out up here.” Bruce continued. “Damn drunks from Preble Street usually. They wander up here and keel over.”

A moment of silence passed in the police cruiser. Jimmy wasn’t really listening much to what his new partner was saying. He was bored and tired.

“There’s a car over there,” Jimmy said, pointing towards a battered old Ford Escort parked near the chain-link fence that ran along the border of the sewage plant.

“Ayuh,” Bruce agreed.

Jimmy felt the car hitch a little when Bruce put the big cruiser into park. Bruce turned on the squad car’s powerful spotlight and aimed it at the parked car.

Jimmy opened his door and got out, sliding his nightstick through the leather loop on his waist. He was a rookie, but he did this naturally and casually, as if he’d done it a million times.

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