Reviewed by Joanne Reynolds

Clementine Pritchard is a young accomplished artist whose goal is to end her own life in 30 days. She is in the process of cleaning up her life in slow measures so that her family and friends have nothing to worry about after her demise.

Clementine is single and shares her home with her rescued cat, Chuckles, but has, by all accounts, lived a full life. She dates occasionally; her encounters with her ex-husband, friends and neighbors made me laugh, cry, hate her and love her at the same time. She is very methodical about tidying things up in her own mind, so that nothing is left for others to concern themselves about.

She has proceeded to fire people, tried to find a new home for her cat, finish undone laundry, sell her furniture and household items. Her will is done and papers are settled for her survivors.

While readers may decide that there is only one possible ending to Losing Clementine, there are a lot of things that Clementine learns about her life that might not have been learned had she stayed on her everyday path. Ashley Ream has written this character with such dimension that you can’t help but turn the page to find out the next foible or crisis to occur! Suicide is always a touchy subject and is not usually dealt with in such a charming way. I really came to love Clementine and her quirky personality and felt her heartache and the need to put things behind her in an orderly fashion.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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Joanne has always been an avid reader and loves the ability to lose herself in someone else’s life for the time that it takes to read about it. She has a huge admiration for authors and the worlds that they create for us. She enjoys reading to her granddaughters and hopes that they take up the love of reading.

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