living-on-three-spoons-book-coverReviewed by Heather Bryant

Brooklyn born Susan Torres shares the ups and downs of her life in Living on Three Spoons. With a childhood marred by abuse, neglect and drugs, Susan lived in a home where there was no place left for the love and affection that she so desperately craved. In her life, school and church became refuges that rejuvenated her; the neighbors and local shop owners gave her love and showed her how to look beyond one’s race, sex or religion to see the true being.

After growing up with a mother prone to emotional suicide, Susan left home as soon as she could. She quickly found herself in an abusive marriage with two daughters. Wanting a better life for her children, Susan left the marriage and struck out on her own. Realizing that she was too poor to have many things and that there were only three spoons in their drawer, she did all she could to give her daughters the love and affection her own childhood lacked.

When Susan met her second husband, their trio went from being Catholic to being Jewish. Once again, Susan threw herself into making a happy home and being a good Jewish wife. The relationship between her daughters and new husband was rocky at best but she stayed in the marriage that moved them from the United States to Israel so that her husband could be near his family. Susan had two more children – a daughter and a son – but found herself alone once again and longing to be back in the U.S. She left the abusive husband behind and returned home to make life better for all of them.

While fighting the children’s fathers for nonexistent child support and trying to make ends meet on a meager salary, Susan also went to college and became a teacher. She yearned to give love, education and hope to her classes and it took time to find her school “home”. However, Susan never gave up and eventually found the school where she felt she could teach and give with an open heart.

All along, Susan strove to be the best single parent she could be and made sure that her children had the love and affection she did not; she instilled a sense of faith hope and perseverance in each of her children. Susan did get to work on the strained relationships she had with her mom and two sisters, however, she was not always successful. She was able to be the one by her mom’s side as she passed away and mended the wounds from childhood; her relationship with her sisters is a work in progress.

As a single parent that has survived two abusive relationships, I feel that Torres depicted her experiences with brutal honesty while giving hope for those who are single parents or that are in abusive relationships themselves. The hope she gives lets one know that they too can make it living on three spoons – literally or metaphorically. I highly recommend this book to others!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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