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Reviewed by Erin Nass

“I hadn’t lost jobs or had DUI’s. I didn’t sleep with strange men…I didn’t start fights…I’ve always told myself I was still in control while I was drunk…This is how I lied to myself.” In Living in the Rear View Mirror, Kim Vazquez takes us on a journey through a sad and broken childhood, the depths of her growing alcoholism and addiction, and through her amazing spiritual awakening that had lingered on the sidelines her entire life.

Kim was born in California to an alcoholic/abusive father and a “victim” mother whose unhealthy marriage and life choices dragged Kim to another country, exposed her to dangerous influences, left her vulnerable to molestation, and planted the seeds of emotional delinquency that would rule her life for over 30 years. Kim also began seeing angels at an early age…angels that protected her from the worst life had to offer and were supportive when Kim began her recovery from “substance abuse to a life of substance.”

Kim Vazquez writes an autobiography of rigorous honesty guided by her higher power. Her spiritual gifts have saved her from certain death and have provided her with the means to help others through spiritual counselling, Angel Readings, and seminars/workshops. Living in the Rear View Mirror is an inspiring story for those struggling with their own addictions, those who love an addict, and those who are empathetic to the human condition.

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Erin fell in love with the written word as a small child and subsequently spent most of her life happily devouring literature. She works as a freelance news, marketing, and technical writer. Erin lives just outside of Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, children, and grandchildren.