book-cover-if-you-were-me-and-lived-in-australiaReviewed by Poppy Johnson

Many people have an interest in teaching their children about different cultures and countries around the globe. It is important to find books that cater to this need, but do not talk over the heads of children who will be reading the story. If you were me and lived in… Australia fits the bill for teaching kids about the Australian lifestyle. It is part of a series of educational books for children aged three to around eight. It is a great resource for exposing young children to different cultures and traditions around the world.

The book highlights the life of a child living in Australia. It discusses the holidays, customs, traditions, and local sports in that country. The book’s graphics are bright and colorful, and the children depicted on the photos have large wide grins and smiling faces, which is definitely a good way to introduce any new culture.

The author included a final page of Aussie pronunciations to explain the words, phonics and definition of words for American audiences who may be unfamiliar with that local vernacular. The fun aspect of the book is the phonetics used to explain to the reader how to pronounce each word. For example, Great Barrier reef is “barrier” as in Bar-ree-ya, not “bar-ee-ur”, the American version and pronunciation of the word. I encourage parents to use this book – and others in the series – to teach their children about cultures beyond their own.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

After a decade of working in several NYC law departments and teaching, Poppy decided she enjoyed writing full-time. She currently works as a freelance writing consultant, and lives with her husband and sons on the East Coast.

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