Reviewed by Alyssa K.

This week the furnace has clicked on every time the temperature dropped out of my comfort zone. Not once did our kiddos go with out three meals and a snack or two. We snuggled and read and I did not spend one minute worrying if a rebel army would come to our town and steal my babies. The thought of whether my kiddos would be safer with me, or if I should sell our belongings and borrow from relatives in order to pay to send them away with a stranger promising them safety, education and a future never crossed my mind. Sadly, there are parents in this world today who worry about all of those things on a daily basis.

For most of us, the realities of child trafficking are a world away. This was true for Conor Grennan, too. Then he set out on a yearlong world tour! He decided to start out by volunteering in a Nepali orphanage for three months. He didn’t know the first thing about kids, but he didn’t want the trip to look totally self centered. Those three months eventually lead to three more, which lead to the development of a new non-profit organization and even more adventures into the Himalayan mountains in hopes to find the families of children taken by child traffickers and to begin the process of reuniting them.

I have to admit, it was not my great love of children that caused me to pick up Little Princes (though that may have sealed the deal), but my curiosity about life in the country of Nepal. Grennan did not disappoint. He opens the door of Nepal to us and gives us a great peek inside, from daal bhat (lentils and rice) twice a day, to wearing every stitch of clothing you have in order to keep warm with no indoor heating. He writes of the children he lives and works with in such a way as to allow you to get to know them for yourself, and takes you on a tour of the mountain villages with all of its dangers, toils, and snares.

Little Princes is an inspiring true story that will take its reader half way around the world and prove that our greatest ambitions to make a difference in this world can be accomplished, no matter how inexperienced we are when we start out on the adventure! Not only that, but a portion of the proceeds of Little Princes will go to support Grennan’s non-profit organization, Next Generation Nepal, and give you the opportunity to take part in rescuing Nepal’s children from child trafficking and reuniting them with their families and communities.

Rating: 5/5

Alyssa is a wife and stay at home, homeschooling mother of five, with two boxers, two cats, a soft shelled turtle named after Bob the Builder, and 7 frogs (admittedly a homeschooling project gone froggy). In all her spare time, she loves to read and believes that there is no such thing as having too many books!

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