Reviewed by Jodi Horsley

Evie has a dream about her sister Anna. She awakens early the next morning and heads to the attic, on a mission to resurrect the little black dress. She needs to find out if her dream is true, and if it is, the little black dress will tell her what is to come. To Evie’s surprise, the little black dress reveals an image of her sister Anna and her daughter Toni at her bedside – is she going to die?

Antonia (Toni), Evie’s daughter, is called home to Blue Hills because her mother has suffered a stroke. Leaving her successful business as a wedding coordinator and her boyfriend Greg behind, she packs up her things and returns to Blue Hills – a place she has not seen since her father’s death two years earlier. She comes “home” to find that a lot of things have changed. It is evident things were spinning out of control for Evie for some time. Toni, with the help of her mother’s housekeeper, starts to straighten out her affairs. In doing so, she starts to unravel family secrets and the secret of the magical little black dress. She also starts to learn more about her Aunt Anna – Evie’s sister whom she knew next to nothing about.

Little Black Dress is told in alternating chapters and from two different perspectives: Evie’s and Toni’s. In Evie’s chapters, we learn that she came from a broken home, and that that broken home was the result of a sudden decision her sister made based on an encounter with the little black dress. We also learn of her relationship with her late husband, Jon. They had a relationship like no other – a true fairytale-like love affair. From Toni, we learn of her childhood, her hopes, dreams and aspirations. We also learn that her current relationship is nothing like the love her mom shared with her dad – a love that she would like to experience.

Little Black Dress was such a fun, light read. Susan McBride did an amazing job at character development. This book had a little bit of everything – magic, mystery, family relationships and romance.

A definite recommendation!

Rating: 5/5

Jodi lives in the western suburbs of Illinois with her husband, her elementary school daughter, and preschool boy/girl twins. She is an avid reader and loves losing herself in a good book. She has a Master’s in Information Technology and has been a WAHM mom for 4 years now.

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