Reviewed by Heather Bryant

Matthew Huntz was a normal twenty something man with a life planned out ahead of him. Things were looking bright; Matthew was working with his dad and brother in their family construction company and planning the upcoming wedding to the love of his life. Everything drastically changed when Matt woke up in a hospital room unable to move the lower half of his body.

Unable to remember more than that he had forgotten his keys and that he broke in his own house, he was curious as to why he was out on bad snow covered roads late at night. Why was Crystal, his fiancée, being so distant? Was she afraid that the paralysis was permanent and life would not be the same as before for the couple? He had so many questions that no one was willing to answer, except for a physical therapist named Abby who told Matt the truth.

Through determination and therapy Matt was able to go back to his newly modified home. He wanted things to be back the way they were but knew he needed to get accustomed to what his life was becoming as a paralyzed young man. He thought a dry run of marriage would be helpful for Crystal to let her see what life was going to be like. The more they were together the more they fought and the distance between them grew larger. Matt decided that he would let Crystal go and that is when the devastating news came to light.

Heartbroken and being constantly pushed back into a job he cannot physically do, Matt decides to leave town to start over. In therapy he sees Abby again and the sparks begin to fly between them. Abby fears love because of past relationships, so what makes her attracted to Matt? For the answers to this question and to others proposed here you will have to read the book!

A Life Worth Living had my interest by the name alone. I have a disability so I felt it would be good to see how another disabled person copes with life. I had a very hard time putting A Life Worth Living down; I had to know the answers to the questions peppered through the story! I highly recommend this book – go and enjoy it!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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