Reviewed by Denise G.

As The Life O’Reilly begins, we meet Nicholas O’Reilly, a young and very capable attorney. Nicholas is on the fast track at a New York law firm which specializes in corporate law. As such, he has all the perks: six figure salary, lavish corner office, access to all the movers and shakers in the city. The one thing he doesn’t have is a life, as he spends all his waking hours working.

The firm, looking for good PR, decides to offer some Pro Bono work, and Nick is chosen for the project. Enter Dawn Nelson and her young son, Jordan. Dawn needs help getting out of an abusive relationship with a guy who has connections everywhere and deep pockets to fight the divorce. Nicholas is deeply affected by the experience and begins to question his life choices up to that point. The author takes us through a series of unexpected twists and turns that keep us riveted to the action in the story and wondering what will come next for Nicholas. Haunting and emotional, the book will also make you think long and hard about the choices you make everyday.

With a series of short chapters a la James Patterson, Brian Cohen’s writing style can better be compared to Nicholas Sparks, though it is much more matter of fact. The book compares favorably to many similar works that I’ve read, and the author’s writing is engaging and keeps you wanting more.

Overall, this is a great first effort. A page-turner that leaves you wanting more – I cannot wait for Brian Cohen’s next book!

With a diverse but unsatisfying career background, Denise made the decision to pursue what she loves: writing! Her first novel, of course, is in the works. More info about her is available at her blog http://makemoney-writingonline.blogspot.com.

This book was provided free of any obligation by Brian Cohen. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received