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Reviewed by Charity Lyman

Today I have a review for a young adult book, Libby Morgan: Reunion. This isn’t my normal reading genre but as I have a teenager in the house, this looked to be right up her alley. So, I will give my thoughts but also include feedback from my daughter since she is the prime audience for this book. And believe me, she loved it and finished it in a day! More precisely, she devoured the book in about four hours. As you can tell, she is an avid reader.

True to the title, the story centers around a young lady named Libby Morgan. She is the twelve year old daughter of a family of seamstresses. Libby, however, only has rudimentary sewing skills–definitely nowhere near what her mother and grandmother can do. In this first novel of the American Heritage Quilt Series, we see Libby enter her thirteenth year and take a trip to visit her grandmother in Connecticut. We see history through the eyes of a young girl as she learns about her family’s past and present.

First of, I was very impressed with the writing style of the author. Leah Zieber writes novels that are on a teenage level but that I still found interesting. It isn’t childish in any way so your teenager will get the feel of an adult book without having to worry about mature materials. Libby is shown as having her faults and troubles but I quickly fell in love with her. She is loyal, mature and even though she is impatient, she is trying to better herself. I liked her fondness for her grandmother and her love of history. She is respectful and has a good relationship with her parents, a hard thing to find in a book nowadays. Overall, an excellent story!

Thoughts from my teenager: I really liked Libby Morgan and her mother. She has a lot of fun and sees a lot of the world. Libby is somewhat like I am, mischievous and full of laughter. One thing I really liked was how the quilt tied into the story. I can’t wait to read the next story in the American Heritage Quilt Series!!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Charity lives in Illinois and is the oldest of 6 children. The family also has 3 dogs and a cat. Reading is a hobby when not cooking, baking, sewing or enjoying music. She reads many different genres but Christian fiction is a favorite. Charity can be found often at her blog, Giveaway Lady

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