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by Lia Fairchild

Why did I write a book? There are so many reasons that answer this question, but the big answer is because I wanted to. I’ve taught my children since they were very small that they can do anything if they truly want to accomplish it. These are the types of things good parents tell their children, right? Work hard, try your best, treat people how you want to be treated, reach for the stars. But I didn’t want to just say those things. I meant every word and what better way to show them. Why not take my own advice?

I’d been living for my kids since the day they were born. They were my whole world, and still are. Every choice to be made, every decision for our family, was based on what was best for them. And as time went on I began to wonder if it was enough. Not just for them, but for me. Yes, I wanted to model the behavior of a loving dedicated parent. But at the same time I wanted my kids to see what’s possible. To show them that you can do things some people only dream of. And what I’d dreamt of my whole life was creating something. Something big and lasting, and maybe even something to be remembered for. I really didn’t know what that would be and as life does from time to time, it got in the way. School, jobs and eventually marriage and family took me along for the ride until I found myself looking back asking, “Where’s my big thing?”

When I set my mind to writing a novel, deciding on the story came easily. I’d always had story ideas floating around in my brain but In Search of Lucy just sort of came to life one day asking to be told. I knew I wanted a strong female, caring, confused, living through and fight for a life that wasn’t easy. Lucy is someone that, like myself, wants happiness for those around her but often forgets how to create her own happiness. The story itself is a journey and throughout it Lucy must deal with the demons of her past and come to terms with her feelings. If she can do that, she just might have a chance at building new relationships and creating a new life.

So you may be wondering about other reasons that spur me to write. That’s easy. Writing is fun, exciting, liberating, but most of all, I hope that my stories can provide a little happiness for people. Whether it’s by helping a friend, giving someone a gift, making someone laugh or writing a story that inspires and entertains, making people happy inspires me. There’s nothing I want more in this world than to relieve someone’s pain, or give someone a little joy. And I’ve been that way since as far back as I can remember. So as long as my stories make people feel—happy, sad, silly or inspired—I’ll continue to write them.

About Lia Fairchild

Born and raised in Southern California, Lia Fairchild holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a multiple subject teaching credential. She is also the author of A Hint of Murder: The Writer, A Hint of Murder: The Doctor, and a short story entitled “Special Delivery.” Writing is something Fairchild has thought about all her life, and she found completing In Search of Lucy truly satisfying. Visit her website or follow her on Twitter.
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