10861195Reviewed by Krystal Larson

Would you like Level 2? Felicia, the main character, died at an untimely age. She is currently residing in Level 2, a place where memories – both good and bad – are accessible. She has credits with which to buy them. Her favorite memories revolve around Neil, her boyfriend and love back on Earth. Felicia literally stays in Level 2 watching memories and chatting with the two friends whose names she actually remembers. When Julian interrupts her small world, Felicia must finally stop and think about her current situation.

Julian wants Felicia to join him and others in changing Level 2. The angels in charge of Level 2 have gone bad and don’t seem to be doing their job. Julian wants to stop these angels from detaining the souls in Level 2. Felicia and Julian do have an attraction and it is interesting to see parallels between that attraction and her love for Neil. With Neil, Felicia is happy and at ease. Julian gives her the shivers, but not necessarily in a good way. Julian is the bad guy who probably will remain bad while Neil is fresh and pure in Felicia’s memories. Julian convinces Felicia to help him out in his plan to reform Level 2 by telling her she will be able to see Neil. A girl desperate enough to go along with a random plan is a girl who will be in trouble later in the book.

Felicia’s character was nice enough. She was frustrating and kind of ridiculous at times, but she also had some redeeming characteristics. She truly loves Neil and holds nothing back when it comes to him. Her memories of Neil will give the reader that “aw” feeling inside. Neil sounds like a wonderful character. Full of love for Felicia and an all-around good guy, he is the antithesis of Julian. Julian is selfish and motivated only by what he thinks he can look good doing. The other characters in the book function mainly as supporting characters. They are well-developed, but are utilized mainly to push the plot along. Overall, Level 2 is an excellent read and one that young adult/teen fans of angels are sure to enjoy.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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