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I could spend this entire review saying how fantastic Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger is and how much I loved it, but I won’t. Instead, I will say that this book was just as addicting and fast-paced as the first one. I was impressed at how Messenger could keep up the momentum from the first book. The two novels flowed seamlessly into one another to create a driven story that will no doubt continue into her third novel.

At the beginning of the novel, Vane and Audra are separated. Audra, Vane’s one time guardian now sort-of girlfriend, needs some space as she needs to come to terms with how she is now entwined with her people’s new king as well as the fact that her mother is a traitor to their people. Vane, still coming to terms with being a wind-controlling sylph, misses Audra and would do anything to get her back. I felt like Audra’s choice was at first justified, but later on, I thought she needed to put the needs of others above herself as she was trained to do as a guardian.
I thought the story progression from here on out was quite innovative. I know that the classic love triangle and unsuspecting hero plots are in just about every book these days, but adding in the way Vane and Audra communicate with the wind really makes the plot stand out. There were twists–some I saw coming, some I didn’t. There was a new love interest. I liked this new interest, even if Vane saw her as just a friend, because she was completely different in character than Audra. I enjoyed the progression of the plot involving the war within the sylphs. Everything moved within the story with an ease that made me want to keep reading.

If I had to pick something I wasn’t crazy on, it would be the end. I don’t think that it was a bad ending, or even that bad of a cliffhanger, but I felt like the ending gave away a little too much. I feel like I can basically plot out what’s going to happen in the next book based on the end of this one. On the other hand, I would have been upset if the book had ended two chapters earlier and I knew nothing. It’s a Catch-22 situation, but all-in-all, I will say that at least the book ended in a concise manner and wasn’t drawn out.

To sum things up, Let the Storm Break is a great read for any young adult. There isn’t any language or adult themes that a parent would have to worry about aside from the occasional kissing session. I enjoyed how the characters developed in this book. I usually feel like the second book in a story is a fill, however, this is definitely not the case here. I fully enjoyed reading this novel and hope you will, too.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Sarah Emily Lelonek has a BA in English Literature from Kent State University. She is planning on attending Graduate School for English Rhetoric and Composition. She enjoys traveling and gaming while on breaks from working on her novel.

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