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There is something special about Vane Weston. Not only did he survive a category five tornado that killed his parents (a tragedy that he cannot remember anything about), he also has ominous dreams starring Audra, a beautiful girl with flowing black hair that he hopes is real. Not only is Audra real (albeit not human), she is Vane’s guardian and sworn to protect him at all cost. When a desperate mistake causes them to give up their location to the enemy who murdered Vane’s family and Audra’s father, they have mere days to train to fight off this deadly enemy before it is too late for everyone.

Let the Sky Fall is Shannon Messenger’s debut into Young Adult fiction. The story is told from both Vane and Audra’s perspectives–which to tell you the honest truth was one of my favorite things! It was interesting to read from both main characters’ point of view, and Messenger wrote seamlessly so there was never any question on which character the reader was hearing from. While it was interesting to read both of their views, I did enjoy Audra’s voice immensely more than hearing from Vane. Vane’s voice just seemed awkward and annoying. I also could never really decide if I liked the book or not. The story in itself–Windwalkers, a forbidden love, the mystery behind Audra’s involvement in Vane’s parents’ deaths–was all very interesting and in the long run is what kept me reading.

I found a majority of the writing, for lack of better word, annoying (but I am chalking it up to the fact that half the book was written in Vane’s voice, and I was not a fan of his point of view). I did, however, enjoy the forbidden love story between Vane and Audra. It was sweet. My heart was broken for Audra, who had not felt love since the death of her father, and even if Vane’s love boarded on obsessive, the drive for him to save Audra from her imminent death was sweet.

Another favorite of mine was the story behind the story — watch Shannon tell you all about that here. In short, Let the Sky Fall was never intended to be published.

So all in all, Shannon Messenger’s debut Young Adult novel is a bit of a toss up, head scratcher for me. While I liked Audra’s voice, the uniqueness of the story (I love storms!!), and the sweet love story between Audra and Vane, the awkwardness of the male point of view (and thus, half the novel) made me just scratch my head on if I really liked it or not.

Best Line: I want to wash my fears away, let them swirl down the drain like the gritty sand the shampoo knocks loose from my hair.

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Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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