Reviewed by Kristen B.

Letter to My Daughter is a story about a mother, Laura, whose 15-year-old daughter has just run away after a heated argument. As Laura sits home, worrying and waiting, she realizes that there are things about her childhood and teenage years that she has never told her daughter. She wants her to know that she herself was once 15, and that  she can understand what her daughter is going through. As she waits, she decided to write a letter.

The book itself is this letter and tells the story of Laura’s high school years. She recalls every detail as she reflects back over that time. The author, George Bishop, manages to realistically capture the overwhelming thoughts and emotions that a teenage girl is faced with. As Laura tells her story, kept a secret all these years, you soon realize that she had no “normal” childhood, and her journey to adulthood was difficult at best. She endured a great deal of pain and suffering; she experienced tragedy and loss.

You don’t have to be a mother to appreciate this book. It actually had very little to do with a mother-daughter relationship, as it really revolved   around what Laura experienced as a teenager. Letter to My Daughter held my interst with a constant array of surprises, and its short length made it a manageable one-sitting read. It seemed amazing to me that this book was written by a man, and that he was able to so adequately relive the exhilarations, challenges and sorrows of a young woman growing up. I thoroughly enjoyed Letter to My Daughter and look forward to future works by George Bishop.

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