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Life as a Full-Time Writer by Leigh Russell

About five years after my first book was published, I found myself in the fortunate position of being able to give up my day job. It was just as well, as writing had all but taken over my life, leaving time for little else. Anticipating settling into a new routine, I quickly discovered that being an author is far from a nine to five job. Working with two publishers, there are frequent meetings – often over lunch or dinner – as well as literary festivals to attend, and other talks, panels, interviews and book signings. In addition to the physical world promotion, there is social media, and my somewhat sporadic blogging. I spend far too much time on Facebook, where I have met all sorts of interesting people. It is great way of connecting with my fans from around the world.

A lot of research goes into writing my police detective series, and I am gratified when reviewers comment on the authenticity of my novels. With my new series featuring Lucy Hall, research has taken me further afield than the length and breadth of England. Journey to Death, the first in this series, takes place on the beautiful island of Mahé in the Seychelles, as exotic a location as you could wish for. ‘Accustomed to the grey skies of England, he was bowled over by the beauty of the landscape and the changing colours of the Indian Ocean.’ To ensure that my descriptions were accurate, Journey to Death took me on a two week trip to the Seychelles. It would be challenging to write about the smells and sounds, and the atmosphere, of a place without experiencing it. Besides which, as my husband pointed out, it was important to research the experience of sipping cocktails on the beach at Beau Vallon Bay at sunset.

The second book in the Lucy Hall series will be out later this year. This one is set in Paris, and the following one will see Lucy going to Rome. So as well as visiting the Seychelles last year, we had a couple to trips to Paris, and a few weeks in Rome. This year we’re off to Greece and Italy again, for more research.

And in addition to all of that, there is, of course, the writing.

I have been a full-time writer for two years now, and am still waiting to settle into a routine. I don’t anticipate that happening any time soon.

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